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Glitch Art Resources

I created a resource page for my class, “Doing it Wrong” at 3rd Ward.  The class is a short 3-hour Glitch Art techniques primer:

It is by no means complete. In fact, please contact me if you’d like for me to add something.  I’ll be updating this relatively frequently.


Glitch Theory: “Notes on Glitch”

Jose Irion Neto, Untitled Databent JPEG-LS (2010)Jose Irion Neto, Untitled Databent JPEG-LS (2010)

In its 6th edition, titled “Wrong”, The online journal, World Picture, recently published an article, “Notes on Glitch” by Hugh S. Manon and Daniel Temkin with a companion gl1tchw0rks gall3ry curated by Temkin.

“Notes on Glitch” covers an impressive amount of ground, offering perspectives on well known problematics of the newly emerging form of Glitch art, theorizing about issues of authenticity, effort, aesthetics, methodology, materialism, as well as presenting some interesting trajectories for further thought.

This article is by no means comprehensive and is in no way making a claim to be. It does put together a great resource for those interested in learning more about this growing phenomenon within electronic culture. I’m certainly excited about the conversations this piece of Glitch theory is sure to generate within the community and beyond.