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Art Lot Update: 7/25/2011

Cucumbers Grown at the Red Hook Art Lot

First pick of the season: Three 8 inch cucumbers grown at the Red Hook Art Lot

The project Wind, on exhibition at the Red Hook Art Lot through September as part of the group show “All Jokes Aside” curated by Natalia Zubko, has borne its first fruits.

Though not intended to be an urban gardening project, Wind is becoming an example of the possibilities of edible landscaping designed for a minimum of input and upkeep. Beyond the initial labor of preparing the land and planting, bi-weekly watering with monthly light feeding is all that has been necessary to produce vigorously growing plants.

To prepare the land, shallow ditches no deeper than 10″ were dug along the fence. These were filled with organic gardening soil purchased at a regional hardware store. Seeds were planted directly or grown indoors and planted as seedlings. Most seeds were sourced from previous years of planting and saved from plants growing along the sidewalks of NYC. As soon as the plants became established, mulch purchased at a regional hardware store was spread around the plants to retain moisture and regulate temperature.

This must be a slicing variety

Cucumber Salad: slice cucumber, drizzle with sesame oil, soy sauce, and honey.