An artist working with electronics and electronic media, based in Brooklyn, NY

Interferences (2010-ongoing)

image credit: Yao Chung-Han

Interferences is a recent and continuing project that explores the use of no-input mixer (analog mixer feedback) in the creation of long-form musical works dealing primarily with the fluid exchange of pitch, rhythm, and spatialization. Sound, as perceived by the ear, occupies a specific region of mechanical vibrations, composed of cycles and waves, impulses and irregularities. The Interferences body of recordings and performances takes as its subject constructive and deconstructive interference of sound waves in both electronic and acoustic domains. Combining waves and impulses generated using analog electronics and projecting them into acoustic space produces intricate and ever evolving polyrhythmic patterns, extra low frequency drones, and complex spatial and spectral phenomenon. The form of the works follow improvised arcs lasting 20 – 30 minutes, organically moving from one sound world to the next, developing musical material from specific aspects of interference between waves. Due to the distilled nature of the musical material, each work in the Interferences series encourages listeners to listen deeply, to focus on physiological and psycho-acoustic aspects of sound as a means of sharpening perception.


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