An artist working with electronics and electronic media, based in Brooklyn, NY

DCP_Series (2010-ongoing)

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DCP Series is a collection of Images produced by intentionally corrupting the circuitry of various Kodak DC series low-resolution digital cameras. By rewiring or “preparing” the cameras on-board electronics, digital images are produced in a manner that inverts the process of the camera-less photogram; these images are all camera and no light. The DCP Series of digital images are direct visualizations of data generated by a digital camera as it takes a picture. Electronic processes associated with the normal operations of the camera are revealed through an act of intervention. The camera is turned inside­out through complexes of short­-circuits chosen by the artist, transforming the camera from a picture taking device to a data capturing device that renders raw data (electronic signals) as images. In essence, these images are snap­shots of stray electronic signals racing through the camera’s circuits. In addition to re-examining the essential nature of photography in the digital age, the project explores the algorithmic unconscious at work behind the discipline of digital photography. Rather than seeing images of the world through a lens, we catch a glimpse of what the camera sees when it is forced to peer inside its own mind. As much as these images are the residue of an external agency acting upon the camera, they are also machine hallucinations, electric sheep.

A larger collection of DCP images can be found Flickr: DCP Series

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Cameras Used:

Kodak DC 280

Kodak DC 200/210

Kodak DC 215

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