An artist working with electronics and electronic media, based in Brooklyn, NY

Jacquard Woven Glitch Blankets

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These blankets are layered with irony: a digital photographic image, made with an intentionally broken (rewired) camera, is mechanically woven or knit into a photoblanket. In this project, a keepsake for cherishing one’s memories becomes a platform for fashioning corrupted memory, the cold logic of digital systems into soft, warm blankets.

Designed by Phillip Stearns. DCP Series designs are sourced from intentionally short circuited digital cameras. YOTG Series designs are sourced from Year of the Glitch, a yearlong glitch-a-day project by Phillip Stearns.

YOTG 198-1 YOTG 192-1 YOTG 211-1
DCP_0216 DCP99776 DCP99761
DCP99730 DCP_2994 DCP_2995
DCP00858 DCP02900 DCP02901
DCP_0237 DCP_0267 08 PIC 00008
DCP 02082 DCP 02803 DCP_0190
DCP02673 DCP_0833

Made in the USA by Pure Country Wavers.

Glitch Textiles | Phillip Stearns