An artist working with electronics and electronic media, based in Brooklyn, NY

Workshops and Classes Online and Offline

Online class in Databending

Example of databending a GIF formatted image file.

Get started making glitch art! I’m offering a class covering basic glitch art techniques on Skillshare: Glitch Art – Creating Design from Error: Databending Basics

Learn how to use text editors and hex editors to make glitch art and then turn a series of glitched images into an animated GIF. We begin with a brief introduction to what Glitch Art is, the materials involved, and then dive into hacking the materiality of our digital world.

Sign up using the link above for $10 off class enrollment!

Digital Cameras + Circuit Bending = Glitch Art

Modified and extended Kodak digital camera

Want to learn how to glitch a digital camera?

I’m teaching a workshop in Los Angeles at the Machine Project on February 23rd.

Details here:

PS – I’m providing the cameras and you get to take yours home with you after the workshop!

Learn how to make images like this:

DCP_2995 created with a modified Kodak digital camera


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