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Glitch Labcoats by Nukeme and UCNV

I arranged a swap with Nukeme and UCNV: a couple of glitched throws for a glitched labcoat.

The package arrived today and to my surprise they sent me both versions, light and dark. They are mindblowingly awesome. If you’re long in the arm, like me, see if they’ll taylor to your measurements.


burst_001 burst_002 burst_003

Happy New Year!

2013 was a busy year and I’m just now getting caught up on posting here.

Year of the Glitch turned two this year and will continue to be a platform for exploring my experiments in digital art.

More recently, I’ve been getting into Processing and have posted a collection of videos documenting that work.

Glitch Textiles has seen a few new designs added to its collections:

Really excited about 2014 and will have some great projects to share in the coming months.