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Update: Lumen 2012


Last weekend I participated in LUMEN 2012, a light art festival which took place this year at the Atlantic Salt Co. on Staten Island.  Yes, it is a uniquely Staten Island event and experience, and quite possibly the most diverse and simultaneously cohesive show I take part in.  The crowd ranges from Williamsburg hipsters to Staten Island families, and the art represents every discipline from action painting, performance, video, audio-visual and more abstract light based forms (projections into clouds of smoke!).

My contribution to the event was a simplified version of a project I submitted to BAM’s Public Art Project towards the end of last year.  You can find video documentation of Impact Study No. 1 here.


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  1. Hi Phillip, It is really amazing all your work, I follow and be inspired by your projects. Im from Argentina I work with film and photography and now Im exploring circuit bent and camera glitches. Please visit:

    to see my results. Thanks a lot for your inspiration!

    June 27, 2012 at 9:38 PM