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Still remixes of an animated GIF by Benjamin Gaulon (recyclism).  The GIF looks to be a glitch of a Cory Arcangel gradient.  Source:


I'm having trouble trying to get this data bending to work. Are there any programs you recommend on using? I have a PC, and i've tried a hex editor, but i can't seem to get it to work. It constantly says that the file is corrupt when I try to view the picture. Any tips?

Hex editors are the way to go IMHO, but text editors work just as well.  There are also ways of importing raw data into Audacity (an open source audio editing program).  Try different file formats.  The easiest ones to tamper with are BMP and TIFF, but the results are very subtle and require a lot of copying and pasting.  JPG responds most drastically.  Avoid messing with the beginning and end of the files, focus on changing the content in the middle.  Try using the overwrite mode so that data you enter doesn’t add to the file size or shift bits around.  The find and replace all feature is great for image-wide things but needs a lot of tinkering to find the sweet spot and it’s different for each file.  After every change, save your file as a duplicate with a different name so you can track your progress and go back to alterations you really like.