An artist working with electronics and electronic media, based in Brooklyn, NY

can you recommend me some tutorial to start to experiment with glitch? i know there are several out there but surelly you have some favorite ;)

Nic Collins’s Hardware Hacking is the definitive text for getting started with the techniques I employ in preparing the digital cameras and other hardware I use.  If you search for Circuit Bending, you’ll get a wealth of resources.  In general, Circuit Bending is primarily sound oriented, but the methods can be used to modify any electronic device—-within reason, of course.  For the the raw data editing, search Data Bending.  I don’t have any recommended resource, but the concept is fairly simple: open an image file in a text editor, change the text, re-save as an image file, open in an image viewer/editor, (process and repeat as desired).  I happen to be using a hex-editor, which is like a text editor, but for binary (represented as hex).  Best advice is to just experiment and be fearless!


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