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Good Morning

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After hex editing a RAW format image taken with a prepared Canon EOS Digital Rebel…


You really didn't explain very well in the last question. What is actually involved in the process of "adding wires, and other electronic components" to the cameras?

Preparing or circuit bending the cameras involves the following steps:

  1. Open the housing to expose the electronics inside.
  2. Probe or short circuit the camera using an alligator clip attached to fine-tipped metal probe or a piece of solid core wire.
  3. Take a picture while making the short circuit.
  4. If the short circuit is effective, solder a switch or a potentiometer between the two points.
  5. Repeat.

I do not recommend doing this to anything that plugs into the wall (unless you REALLY know what you’re doing).

Do not circuit bend anything you cannot live without.  You can easily and permanently damage your device.