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Landscape with Devices



Noa Dolberg

Esther Ruiz

Phillip Stearns

August 28 – September 4, 2014

Hours: Tue-Sat 12-6pm

Opening Reception:Thursday, August 28, 6-8pm

Closing Reception:Thursday, September 4, 6-8pm

Today, our experience of the environment is modified by the use of technology and confined to urban planning. Our ever-growing communities no longer allow for an undomesticated state of wilderness. Technology functions as a tool with which we relate to our habitat, enabling us to select, loop and screen our experience of the natural phenomena obscured by the cityscape. Our computers and cell phones have become cozy portals into nature.

Landscape with Devices, opening on August 28th, 2014 at FRIDMAN GALLERY, presents the works of three artists who reinterpret nature for the digital age.

Noa Dolberg’s Gadgets For the Cave Man II, is a representation of a living campfire, created with flickering light bulbs and the crackling sounds of fire. The gallery space turns into a cave, recalling the surroundings of early humans during the night, in a safe and intimate way. Phillip Stearns’ multimedia installation proposes a parallel view of the idyllic sunset, one that is altered and transformed by computer technology. A random image of a sunset is repeatedly scanned and processed pixel-by-pixel, while simultaneously being projected onto gallery walls. Esther Ruiz’s sculptural works of concrete, neon and plexiglass create fictional landscapes. Various sized totems of self-contained narratives, they are objects of an imaginary natural world — past, future and outer-planetary.

Seen together, these artists’ works become tools for creating landscapes of convenience. Nature is no longer noisy, scary, isolated or removed from us; it can now be switched on and off, rearranged and customized until it becomes our intimate playground.


High Voltage + Instant Film + Computerized Jacquard Weaving

I was curious to see how well images from the High Voltage Image Making project would transfer into textiles, so put together a design file made from the lead image for the Kickstarter campaign and sent it off to the weavers who make my Glitch Textiles.

I’m super pleased with the results and will be making this design available for a limited time, exclusively through the kickstarter campaign as a reward for backing at the $225 level.

Visit the Kickstarter for High Voltage Image Making here!

Kickstarter Project: High Voltage Image Making


High Voltage Image Making is a project exploring the use of electrical discharge as a means of creating images in photographic media.

I’m raising funds to create a body of enlarged archival prints and to continue developing this project further in terms of creating new works and exploring new techniques.

Limited Editions, Signed Prints, a Photo Book, Commissioned Originals, and more available as backer rewards!

Workshops and Classes Online and Offline

Online class in Databending

Example of databending a GIF formatted image file.

Get started making glitch art! I’m offering a class covering basic glitch art techniques on Skillshare: Glitch Art – Creating Design from Error: Databending Basics

Learn how to use text editors and hex editors to make glitch art and then turn a series of glitched images into an animated GIF. We begin with a brief introduction to what Glitch Art is, the materials involved, and then dive into hacking the materiality of our digital world.

Sign up using the link above for $10 off class enrollment!

Digital Cameras + Circuit Bending = Glitch Art

Modified and extended Kodak digital camera

Want to learn how to glitch a digital camera?

I’m teaching a workshop in Los Angeles at the Machine Project on February 23rd.

Details here:

PS – I’m providing the cameras and you get to take yours home with you after the workshop!

Learn how to make images like this:

DCP_2995 created with a modified Kodak digital camera

25% sale Through End of Feb

Don’t know about you, but this winter has been brutally cold up here in Brooklyn. Grab a glitch blanket at for 25% off using the promo code 25FEB2014. Stay warm.


*NEW* Infected Blankets – throws designed by translating the complete genomes of well known viruses into pixelated mosaics. Catching, but not contagious.

Blanket designed using the complete h1N! genome

Blanket designed using the complete H1N1 genome

*NEW* Gradients and Test Patterns – designs made from color test images.

Created using Photoshop's random gradient tool and adaptive lens filter

Created using Photoshop’s random gradient tool and adaptive lens filter

2013/2014 Knit Glitch Blankets

Knit Glitch Textiles

2013/2014 Woven Glitch Blankets

Woven Glitch Textiles

Glitch Labcoats by Nukeme and UCNV

I arranged a swap with Nukeme and UCNV: a couple of glitched throws for a glitched labcoat.

The package arrived today and to my surprise they sent me both versions, light and dark. They are mindblowingly awesome. If you’re long in the arm, like me, see if they’ll taylor to your measurements.


burst_001 burst_002 burst_003

Happy New Year!

2013 was a busy year and I’m just now getting caught up on posting here.

Year of the Glitch turned two this year and will continue to be a platform for exploring my experiments in digital art.

More recently, I’ve been getting into Processing and have posted a collection of videos documenting that work.

Glitch Textiles has seen a few new designs added to its collections:

Really excited about 2014 and will have some great projects to share in the coming months.


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